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MEGA TECHNOLOGY specialized in systems development, services and Electronics, Electric solutions for BANKING, PUBLIC SERVICES, HOSPITALITY and HEALTHCARE etc.


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Our industries are experiencing basic challenges. From climate change and geopolitics to the energy market, we are facing new reality. Some people consider them a threat. At Industris, we believe our job is to turn them into opportunities. That’s why we look for new ways to use our expertise in the energy industry, discover new opportunities and promote innovation around the world. Our ambition is to become the world’s most efficient industrial solutions and services provider.

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Project Management Support

Mega Technology offers professional project management support to service providers in governmental and regional projects; to deliver properly designed, installed, and administered fiber & copper infrastructure.

This service includes:


Trunk cable assemblers

Fiber, shielded S/FTP, UTP, screened F/UTP, trunking cable assemblies for LANs & WANs

Structured cabling

TIA/EIA standards compliant wiring for internal and outside cabling plants, cable management, ensuring full cable bandwidth

Wide Area Networking Consulting

Statewide IP data communications connectivity at commercially available data rates to any authorized service provider. WAN service connects your Local Area Network (LAN) to your intranet resources, to the Internet, or to other networks.

Performance monitoring and reporting

Provides a detailed view of the health of customers’ networks and applications, using selected tools that can be used to assess, and provide detail, of users’ experiences with applications performance. These tools can also retain historical data for comparison with the current computing environment.

Remote service access

Remote Access service is meant for residential and mobile users with high-speed access requirements. Remote Access offers data service to any authorized entity at rates dependent upon service provider contracts. This service utilizes available broadband technologies to provide secure access to office resources and the Internet.

LAN design & implementation

Provides local area network infrastructure within a building or campus environment enabling data communication among local computing and printing resources within an organization. These services support the infrastructure components and resources beginning where the end device connects into a wall plate. The service includes equipment and technology upgrades as appropriate, maintenance, configurations, administration, and support of network infrastructure at location.

Managed desktop services

Provides managed desktop service for organizations to meet personal computing requirements, including: PCs (desktops and laptops), operating system and software applications support

VPN and security/firewall solutions

The Firewall and VPN service is a fully managed solution for customers interested in an additional layer of security for their network. This service can manage all phases of a firewall and VPN security solution, including architectural validation, implementation, operations, and ongoing configuration management. This service provides access control and standards based encryption technology as the foundation for secure, high performance, data communications.

ITSM best practices

Service desk function, problem management, incident management, change management, configuration management, and release management covering the full range of our offered ICT services.

VoIP & IP telephony solutions

VoIP over traditional copper Networks and VoFi (VOIP over Wi-Fi ) which provides the cost advantages of Voice over IP with the mobility benefits of cellular Voice

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