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We made Queue Management easy

Connecting things,
It’s all about people.

We are all challenged in the business world. We all want to be part of a team that leaves a legacy and is remembered for years on what we have accomplished. At Mega Technology, I am proud to be part of an excellent team that strives on reaching this success and greatness.


People: Our Most Important Asset
The most valuable asset of our company is the personnel. We nurture the careers of the employees, while depending on their skills and potential. Our goal is to make sure the employees have opportunities to prosper and succeed.

Create Value
We seek to maximize the corporate values and profits while trying to meet the expectations of our shareholders, customers, suppliers, communities and employees.

Commitment to Quality
We pursue highest qualities for our products, services and operations to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and social value.

Technology Innovation Makes a Difference
We keep abreast of new and emerging technologies and continue to innovate.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Mega Technology website.


Magdy Khalil

Our Awesome Clients

We have customers reference in the following:
Banking, HealthCare, Public services, Embassies, Hotels and Telecommunication.

Why we’re different

As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand the need for space which gives your business room to breathe and grow.


The great products we provide


What our customers say

Karim Boules

Mega Technology will provide you with no nonsense professional advice on the most suitable home automation, security or surveillance devices to meet your requirements.

Mai Mansour

In our opinion, Mega Technology partner with a leading selection of vendors and work hard to introduce us to new and emerging technologies. The structure of their company and team gives us access to a range of specifically experienced individuals that are experts in their field and are able to assist our business in the most efficient way.

Ahmed El Keleni

Overall, the pre and post support level we receive is extremely beneficial as it allows us to utilize their qualified and knowledgeable staff.

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